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How does AppSell counts funnels views?

Our plans pricing is based on a monthly unique visitors count, not impressions.

Even if you don't use any funnels - we still count and track actions on your store so you will always have the latest data to show. The same applies when a single visitor views 100 funnels - it will still count as one visitor from your plan credits.

A unique monthly visitor is anyone who visits one of your website pages with our snippet in the last 30 days. A visitor may initiate several sessions and view multiple pages, but they will still only be counted as a single visitor as long as they didn’t delete browser cookies or used a different device or browser. You can see your monthly usage at the top of your account dashboard:


For example:

You had 100 unique visitors who viewed your site 20 times each, you will get billed only 100 credits from your total plans credits.


  • Once you reach your plan's credits limit, the funnels will stop showing on your store.

  • Plans credits are reset once a month (depends on your installation date - every 30 days)

  • You won't get charged more than your original AppSell plan price purhcased through Wix

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